Brooklyn St. Local

“Toronto wasn’t somewhere I wanted to spend the rest of my life… It’s very big and anonymous. The community here was one the of things we liked when we first started coming down here.” That was Deveri Gifford’s idea and so in 2012 she and her husband Jason Yates decided to move from Toronto to Detroit to open a restaurant.

They had real estate agent Ryan Cooley search the area for a good location. He’d learned that the owners of Brooklyn Street Grill put their restaurant up for sale at the corner of Brooklyn Street and Michigan Avenue in Corktown, immediately Cooley called the couple to tell them that he’d found a place that would really be good for them.

“Once we got inside of it we knew it was what we wanted,” Giffords said. “The inside was in pretty good condition. The location was great. Corktown has a lot going on and seems like it is on the upswing”.

The location is rich in history. It became a restaurant in 1968, it was called Left Field Deli, but in the past it was a single-family home, a multi-family residence above a store, a grocery, a meat store, a record store, a school supplies store, a handmade patisserie, a shoemaker, a radio shop and medicine shop.

The interior of the cafe, divided by a metal pipe for ventilation, is very simple: tables and chairs bought on Craigslist, as well as the bench of a church which runs along the wall just below the windows on the outside patio. It was really a surprising for me to discover that for setting the patio, Deveri and Jason used a piece of a barn. 

The atmosphere at Brooklyn St Local is friendly and relaxed. The menu ranges from the typical Canadian dishes to the vegan dishes. They offer an extraordinary variety of burgers, sandwiches, panini, salads and soup as well.

Their products are organics and come from the local farms. Every dish that leaves the kitchen and arrives on your table is painstakingly crafted in the smallest details. It can be difficult to choose among the many options that their menu offers and the daily dishes.


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