Brooklyn St. Local

“Toronto wasn’t somewhere I wanted to spend the rest of my life… It’s very big and anonymous. The community here was one the of things we liked when we first started coming down here.” That was Deveri Gifford’s idea and so in 2012 she and her husband Jason Yates decided to move from Toronto to Detroit to open a restaurant. They had real estate agent Ryan Cooley search the … Continue reading Brooklyn St. Local

Grand River Creative Corridor & Derek Weaver

Photos of the Grand River Creative Corridor are ready to view, slideshow In the history of Michigan, Grand River Ave is a landmark. The road was born as a path had made by Native Americans along the north bank of the Cedar River . The road stretched from Portland to Detroit and was the main trade route of Michigan until the railway was built. Grand River assumed primary importance … Continue reading Grand River Creative Corridor & Derek Weaver

Sophie Lyons Burke -Queen of the Underworld

Sophie Lyons Burke learned to steal at the age most children start riding a tricycle. She was born into a criminal family and  was brought up to steal at age three.  Some sources report that if Sophie had some doubts or refused to steal, her would parents hit her with a hot stick or jab her arm . Before her sixth birthday she had already  snatched her first purse and for this she … Continue reading Sophie Lyons Burke -Queen of the Underworld